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The New Expectation

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Today’s customer expects that your business will have a web site.

They expect every vital piece of information about you to be available from that web site.

Your address, your phone number, your hours of operation: they expect it all at their fingertips.

Over 50 Million people bought a smart phone in the last quarter of 2009,so that they don’t have to remember these details. They can get them from the web.
The web the tool they plan to use to look for businesses.

With the internet in their pocket, where else will they look?

Can they find you?

With entry level plans starting as low as $247.77 for a single page, and hosting as low as $14.77 per month, how can you afford NOT to have a web site?

From basic web sites to e-commerce solutions, Shuta Multimedia has you covered.

Your customer has expectations.

We’ll help you meet them.



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