Friends of Shannon Mcdonough - Splashin' With Compassion: Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 147

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In honor and memory of Shannon Mcdonough, her friends have organized an annual event to raise money for young people (16-25) with cancer.

Shannon ended this journey on earth at the age of 23. And this year in her memory over $10,000 was raised for young people facing the same fight.

How did they do this? With really cool raffles and a physical challenge that few would approach, let alone approach it with this level of style--a polar bear plunge.

In this video, taken at Montage Mountain on January 30, 2016, you will see a Montage of Generosity and Human Kindness; of Thrill Seekers going for the gusto; and a whole bunch of people saying "WOW IS THAT WATER COLD!!!"

Daytime temperatures ranged from 25F to 31F - always below freezing. But that didn't stop people from coming out--many times in elaborite costumes--and braving the icy cold waters.

Seriously, there was ice in there. Lots of it.

In addition to the raffles--which included a massive "Sled of Cheer" and many other fantastic prizes--local cancer organizations were on hand to provide information and support.

I say this all the time, but seriously, a great time was had by all.


  • Stephanie Schofield
  • Dr. Don Strasburger ( - (570)563-2565 or (570)290-3833
  • Nancy from the American Cancer Society (800)227-2345
  • Wendy Egan
  • Stephanie, Patrick, Maryann, Kaley and Angela
  • Cindy (Aka Rhianna)

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