Steamtown to Olyphant; Shuta Multimedia Vlog Episode 116

On July 5, 2014, The Steamtown National Historic Site conducted a train excursion from the Park in Scranton, PA, to the town of Olyphant, PA. In Olyphant, the local Crime watch and Town Council arranged for a walking tour explaining the towns history. Shuta Multimedia called upon it's friends Dani-elle Kleha and Edward Ebs to lend their talents to Olyphant for the day, with Dani-elle performing at Thirst-T's, and Ed showcasing his art at the 411 Studio.

This event was so epic, I had to break it up into three videos:

Part 1: The Train

In part one, we take the train from the Steamtown National Historic site to the Olyphant Train Station, learning a bit about the history of the rails along the way.

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Part 2: The Features

Along the tour, there were several stops to highlight special details about the town or to offer entertainment to the guests:

  • The History of Excelsior Hose Company
  • Gene Turko & Jay Luke Present the Miner's Monument
  • Gene Turko & Rev. Nestor Iwasiw Present SS Cyril & Methodius Church
  • Mike Glinsky Presents his 1927 American Lafrance Fire Truck
  • Volunteer Firemen Jerry Tully, Rich Wagner, Fred Hartman, Mike Abda, Bob Hudak talk about the men and equipment of the Olyphant
  • Dani-elle Kleha performs at Thirst-T's
  • Bob Hudak Presents Holy Cross Parish
  • Tracy Grant and Ed Ebs Present the Art of Ed Ebs at the 411 Studio

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Part 3: The Tour

And of course we have the actual street to street tour of Olyphant, presented by Lauren Telep and June DeBlasio.

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