Managed Web Hosting


Web Hosting for one Domain Name (


Web Hosting for alias Domain Names ( $10 Yearly


Managed web hosting means you do not have to do anything with the website to keep it online. Domain name fees, yearly registrations and renewals are all included. You can add a second alias to your website for $10 a year.


For example, let’s say you want to host,, and, and all have them point to the same website. The cost would be $16.74 monthly or $197.24 yearly.


Web Page Design


Before beginning work, we sit down with our clients, determine the scope of work, and agree to a price that is equitable to both sides. Our price schedule is based on two classes of web design.


Business Class Web Design


$247.77 for the home page and $100.00 for each additional page


Business Class Web Design pricing assumes that all content is provided by the client. If you currently have brochures that you would like to have formatted for the web and presented online, this is the class of web design you require.


Executive Class Web Design


Quoted on a case by case basis


Executive Class Web Design is for businesses that need additional help developing their web site. Shuta Multimedia has the resources needed to develop graphics, take pictures and write copy for your website.


More advanced applications, such as online stores or other advanced web applications would also fall under this category.







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