International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

Today is April 23rd: International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day . According to Wikipedia—which is on the internet so it must be true—the day was started by author Jo Walton, as a reaction to statements made by Howard V. Hendrix. Hendrix didn't like the idea that people might post science fiction creations on the web for free. He called them “webscabs,” and said they were “converting the noble calling of the Writer into the life of Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch.”

So Jo decided to make a day out of it to encourage people to post quality Sci-fi for free.

Now, I understand the need to make money from one's creations. Certainly I'm pursuing that goal. But I also understand how the web can be used to build an audience. There's a reason the books in the bookstore aren't covered in cellophane. They want people to read bits and see if they want to buy the book.

The web is a great tool for this. People can't always make it to the bookstore, but they can get bored at work—on their lunch hour of course. If they like what they read on your site—a short story, a novella, or excerpts from your latest novel—then perhaps a trip to the bookstore is in order.

Plus there is something more elevated happening here. Beyond good marketing, causing minds to expand beyond their old boundaries is one of those keys to a thriving society. We need art as much as we need clean water. We need people to read and expand their minds. Science fiction is uniquely suited to that task.

I'm a bit unprepared for the day, as I really should have a unique short story to post for free—otherwise I'm not really a Pixel-Stained Technopeasant am I?

Ok, so call me an aspiring Technopeasant. I did post a new excerpt from Tales of the Black Knight, The Orphans Search. Look for Excerpt #5 on the menu at

I chose this excerpt because it includes an argument about the nature of good and evil, and the news has a lot of people wondering lately what all that's about. I'm not saying it will answer all questions on the subject, but if it offers some new thoughts, and stretches one's mind just a wee bit, then I did my job as a writer.

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